Performance™ 96 Gas Furnace

Performance™ 96 Gas Furnace

Performance 96 Gas Furnace


Supported by the Performance Edge® thermostat and a multi-speed blower motor, this furnace will run in low stage up to 90% of the time. Longer, low-stage run times give you better energy efficiency, better temperature control and increased comfort. It also assures you quieter performance.

The multi-speed blower motor of this impressively energy-efficient furnace also works in conjunction with your air conditioning system to improve summer dehumidification.

Additionally, SmartEvap™ technology which periodically stops the fan in “Constant ON” mode, gives cooling condensation time to drain away to prevent rehumidification. SmartEvap can reduce humidity by up to 10%.

Product Features

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified in all sizes
  • Operates up to 90% of time in low-stage to reduce temperature swings and save energy
  • Multi-speed blower motor
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