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Jeff Shaw

Last Thursday my home had a little scare.
We smelled smoke, had the Fire dept come out to investigate and they determined it was coming from the furnace (11:30pm).
Nothing major, but they turned off the furnace for the night. Recommended an inspection ASAP.
So, I booked an Enercare maintenance check (paying for the plan) and they came out, did a diagnostic and found out the motor needed to be replaced at the cost of $2,200. Plus, the diagnostic is not part of the maintenance plan so here’s a bill for $100.
I called Shawn immediately just before 9am, he picked up, and gave me an excellent quote for a BRAND new furnace.
And said “Jeff we can be there this afternoon to install.”
Wow, I thought.
His team showed up, about 5pm on a Friday evening. They did a great job removing and installing and getting the house warm.
The team finally left about 11-11:30pm. Unfortunately, remember we had the snow that evening too.
It took them another 30 minutes to clean the truck, get unstuck 3 times on the street and finally a little after midnight they slid down the road towards their warm homes.

The dedication and commitment from the team of AM Group is amazing.
We are warm because of the terrific members of these professionals.
Thank you, Sincerely

Leonard Godel

I recently had my first experience with AM Group. My 20-year-old AC unit was busted at one of the worst possible times of the year! I was given Shawn’s number from a business contact I trust, so I knew I could count on Shawn and his crew. I was not disappointed. I spoke to them on Monday afternoon, and their technician was out on Tuesday afternoon. Luckily, it didn’t need to be replaced, and the technician had everything he needed to fix my AC unit right then and there. Now my house is cold again! Thanks AM Group! Highly recommend.

Glenda Staddon

We highly recommend these folks. Shawn and Ray are top of the line. We had them put in a new fireplace in our lounge, and replace our wood fireplace with a new gas fireplace in our family room. They also replaced our old air conditioner with a new one and we are very pleased with everything. Their service has been great and they are very reliable.

Vanessa Bond

What a delight to deal with honest professionals. AM Group Heating now takes care of my furnace and AC maintenance. They arrive at the appointed time (not a seven hour window) and the service technician is an absolute delight. With both cleanings, he took the time to explain how to improve the air circulation in my home so we have even temperatures from floor to floor. The previous company we used (associated with a MASSIVE company that I won’t name) kept telling me year-after-year that I needed a new furnace and AC, even when it was only a few years old. Thank you AM Group Heating!

Mary Lou Sicoly

My units had to be cleaned after not being serviced for a few years. The technician (Ray) spent extra time to clean both of them instead of immediately suggesting that I replace them. He was pleasant and very efficient. I have been dealing with Shawn for many years and know the he is honest, fair and true to his word. I highly recommend this company.

Nancy Zins

Very efficient service for furnace, air conditioning and fireplaces. Greta selection and options.

Jody Shapiro

If you’re looking for an amazing selection of fireplaces and excellent service too AM Group is incredible. Can’t recommend them enough!

Michael Dicker

Shaun was tremendous in helping out with a water heater problem when I was away on vacation. Later
my previous service provider was terribly unresponsive and when called to address a minor issue left me with no hot water at all during some of the coldest weather of the winter. They took too long to return and fix the problem so I contacted AM Group and my situation now is far superior. AM Group replaced two very poorly operating water heaters with a single unit that provides more hot water and costs less to operate. It has made a great difference in the enjoyment of our home. I strongly recommend AM Group.

Johanna Tarvainen-Lee

Shawn provides great customer service. I was very happy with the product, installation and overall customer service.

Pete Crouse

Shawn provided a detailed review of the products that I was considering for my outdoor patio. He inspired me to consider other options for my basement. Shawn’s showroom makes it so much easier to visualize what my new fireplace would like it in advance. Hot stuff Shawn !!. okay, I can’t believe I just said that.

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