Central Humidifier

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When it comes to overall comfort and health/wellness, the ideal humidity is somewhere between 30 and 50 percent. This means that air generally holds the same percentage amount when it comes to maximum moisture.

When it comes to any type of humidifying system, the most common and important concern to take into consideration is health and safety. The general goal when a system balances out the moisture in the air is to avoid any type of infection, microorganisms or bacteria. This cannot be accomplished if the supply of water that is being used is not clean or purified.

This is why as it is installed, you will want to research appropriate filtration systems. Filters most often come in the form of damp sponges, wet discs or wicks. They end up removing any minerals/pollutants from inside the water, and make sure that the water that is eventually released into the air is clean and safe. This doesn’t just provide health and safety, but also removes the chance of any chalky dust to form on the walls and furniture.

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