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Central Heat Pump

For areas in the world that don’t have drastic changes in climate, heat pumps manage to provide an energy-efficient substitute for air conditioners and furnaces. Just like a fridge, heat pumps run on electricity, and are used to transfer heat from a cold space to a warm space and vice versa. In simplest terms, central heat pumps do not generate heat, but rather move the heat somewhere else depending on the temperature outside. This in turn makes the cool space colder and the warm area warmer. When it is cold outside, heat pumps take heat from the cool outdoors and move it into your house. Alternatively, when it is hot outside, the pumps move heat from the inside of your home, outside. Because they move heat instead of generating it, heat pumps can offer space conditioning that is just as good as other options, at about a quarter of the regular cost.

Ductless Heat Pump

Ductless heat pumps (aka air conditioner) are extremely efficient devices that provide constant comfort for any type of space. The decision to install varies with every person, but below we will list the reasons why ductless heat pumps are a great option.

These heat pumps are most commonly composed of an indoor unit that is mounted onto the wall, and are combined with an outdoor compressor. This option is considered most often when a homeowner wants a window AC unit or baseboard heating. Unlike window units, however, ductless units only require a tiny hole to be drilled into the wall. This makes them much less vulnerable to any type of leakage of air, as well as security problems. They are also deemed as less audible and visible, causing less of an interruption/distraction.

Energy Efficiency

These systems also happen to be extremely efficient when it comes to energy. In an average home, you are losing about 25% or more of the total energy because of ductwork. When you get rid of the ducts, you get a much more energy-efficient device.

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